Mark Twain was commenting on the power of numbers to deceive when he said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics.”  But even Twain would be shocked at how deliberately and blatantly Grey2K’s Christine Dorchak misrepresents adoption figures in her attack on greyhound racing.

Recently, a well-intentioned reader posted a comment on Grey2K’s Facebook page, saying he understood from a friend who has adopted greyhounds that nearly all retired racers are placed in adoptive homes.
We’re not sure whether Twain would laugh or just shake his head in disbelief at Dorchak’s response. “We believe adoption is increasing, but the National Greyhound Association admits that thousands of ex-racers are still killed each year,” she declared.
That last statement is just not true, and Christine knows it. National Greyhound Association (NGA) Executive Director Gary Guccione reports that with the decline in the number of greyhound pups registered each year (11,000 in 2013), more than 95 percent of today’s registered racers are placed in adoptive homes or returned to the farm as pets or breeders when they retire. Christine’s math doesn’t add up–and it hasn’t for years.
“Grey2K can’t afford to tell the truth when it comes to greyhound adoption,” Guccione said. “They can raise more money with the lies.”
When greyhound racing and the adoption community reach our shared goal of 100 percent placement of all adoptable greyhounds, Grey2K will be out of business. Perhaps that’s why, in Christine’s world, the statistics will always lie.