The National Greyhound Association (NGA) has issued the following statement reaffirming the organization’s policy regarding the responsibilities and obligations of greyhound owners when greyhounds are dislocated by seasonal or permanent track closings.


“This weekend will mark the start of the eventual shutdown of racing in Florida with Sarasota and Naples’ closing weekends. Naples will reopen later this year, but this will be the end of the road for Sarasota. With that in mind, we thought it best to remind our members of your obligations with respect to greyhounds racing at those venues as well as greyhounds everywhere. The NGA By-Laws read as follows in this regard:

“SECTION 6. Owner’s Responsibility. It shall be the primary responsibility of the owner of record, whether member or associate member, of every Greyhound registered with the Association to assure that his or her Greyhound is humanely cared for, consistent with industry standards, established by NGA inspection program guidelines and, where applicable, practices recommended in Care of the Racing & Retired Greyhound, that any written lease between the owner of record and the racing kennel clearly outlines a specific procedure for eventual departure of the Greyhound from the track, including whom shall be responsible for hauling and/or other expenses that may be incurred. In the event a Greyhound is placed in an adoption program or otherwise requires care or attention that results in a financial expense to the Association or its affiliate, the American Greyhound Council, Inc., the owner of record shall be responsible for refunding the Association for said expense. Except in dire or emergency situations, it shall furthermore be the responsibility of the owner of record to assure that his or her Greyhound completing its racing tenure at a track is either a) safely transported to a farm or facility designated by the owner of record; b) placed with a creditable pet placement program that requires spaying or neutering; c) safely transported to another track to resume its racing career. Owners of record not fulfilling their responsibilities in this respect shall be subject to whatever disciplinary action the Board of Directors may wish to impose in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws. These responsibilities shall in no way absolve the kennel operator, trainer, board-farm operator or transporter of the responsibility to provide for the care and well-being of any Greyhound under their direct stewardship. The kennel operator shall also notify the owner of record of any impending removal of a Greyhound from the kennel operator’s possession.”
The NGA statement further noted that “many, many adoption groups are willing and able to assist us in these closings, but should not be the sole bearers of the financial or physical burdens.” Members were referred to a list of responsible adoption groups posted on the NGA website.