The National Greyhound Association is deeply disappointed at the result of the Amendment 13 vote. Florida voters have been misled into supporting a measure that not only will cost thousands of jobs in the state, but one that opens the door for future campaigns to force the radical animal rights agenda on the people of Florida through the Constitutional Reform process. Individual family businesses that will be shut down as a result of this Amendment may choose to pursue legal remedies against the state; that is their right under the law.
Meanwhile, we will begin the sad process of working with the kennels, greyhound owners, Greyhound Pets of America, and all of our adoption partners, to ensure that all the greyhounds dislocated by the passage of Amendment 13 are properly accounted for and cared for as they transition to other tracks, into adoption programs, or back to their owners over the next two years. Unfortunately, the future is not as clear for the 13,000 Florida families who rely, directly and indirectly, on greyhound racing for their livelihood.