In an April 29 letter to the editors of the Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post, Florida Greyhound Association President Phil Ruotolo told readers to take Grey2K’s comments "with a grain of salt."

The letter was in response to an April 27 story that ran in both newspapers. The story contained positive information on greyhound adoption, but quoted Grey2K "estimates" on the number of greyhounds euthanized annually. It identified Grey2K as a "national rescue network."

"Grey2K USA is not a national rescue network," wrote Ruotolo. "It is an animal rights organization whose mission is to abolish greyhound racing completely."

"Grey2K has no direct involvement in greyhound adoption," Ruotolo explained. "In fact, Grey2K leaders have urged their supporters not to get involved in any adoption group that has a constructive working relationship with the greyhound racing industry."

As evidence, Ruotolo provided editors with a copy of a New Hampshire animal rights newsletter quoting an email from Grey2K President Christine Dorchak in which she urged her followers not to work with Greyhound Pets of America, the nation’s largest independent adoption group.

"Grey2K relies on promoting misinformation about greyhound racing to justify its existence and raise funds," Ruotolo concluded. "That’s why people should take their comments with a grain of salt."