About 35 track surface technicians, veterinarians and racing commission representatives gathered at Gulf Greyhound Park near Houston February 22-23 for the 6th annual Greyhound Safety and Track Surface Seminar. 

The event was sponsored by the American Greyhound Track Operations Association (AGTOA), Texas Greyhound Association (TGA), and Gulf Greyhound Park.

Organizer Diane Whiteley, TGA executive director, said the seminar offered participants the opportunity to learn about new methods for enhancing track safety and reducing greyhound injuries.
“Keeping our greyhounds safe and sound is  our highest priority,” Whiteley said. “Every year, the experts find better ways of resurfacing and maintaining tracks to enhance greyhound safety.”
The program included presentations by track surface specialist Gene Magliaro of the Palm Beach Kennel Club; Marty Tanner, DVM & president of the National Greyhound Association; David Peck, member of the NGA track committee; Kip Keefer, chairman of the Racing Commissioners International (RCI) greyhound committtee; Richard Ferranti, maintenance manager and greenpath coordinator at Daytona Beach Kennel Club; and Marsha Kelly, communications consultant to AGTOA and the American Greyhound Council (AGC).
The presenters shared information on track design modifications, resurfacing materials and procedures, and ways to identify possible track trouble spots from analyzing injury data.
Although serious injuries are rare in greyhound racing, occurring in less than one-half of one percent of each 1,000 starts, industry experts believe that the new methods and procedures could reduce injuries even further.