As many as 300 greyhounds from Ebro Greyhound Park and Pensacola Greyhound Track will become available for adoption when those tracks close for the 2010 racing season, according to Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) President Rory Goree.

 GPA has 49 chapters and sub-chapters across the nation, and close working relationships with dozens of other regional adoption groups, Goree said. It is coordinating the effort to find homes for the Ebro and Pensacola greyhounds.

The Penscacola facility will close October 31 and reopen February 4, 2011. The greyhounds there will remain at the track while awaiting adoption, Goree said.

The Ebro track will close September 25 and reopen May 10, 2011. Track officials report that most greyhounds will move to other tracks to continue racing, but about 150 will remain at the track pending adoption.

Goree said many regional adoption organizations are cooperating to ensure that all the greyhounds eligible for adoption find permanent homes.

“Greyhounds make absolutely amazing pets,” he said. “They are generally affectionate, well socialized and gentle, even with children. They don’t require any more exercise than any other dog. In fact, many greyhound owners describe their dogs as “loveable forty mile-an-hour couch potatoes.”

GPA operates a toll-free hotline for people interested in adopting a greyhound. The hotline number is 1-800-366-1472. Callers will be referred to a participating adoption organization in their area.