Following is the full text of AGC Communications Coordinator Gary Guccione’s July 30 letter to the Ogden Standard.

Dear Editor:

We appreciated your July 28 story about a local event to promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds, but the story contained an important factual error that needs correcting.

In greyhound racing today, more than 90 percent of all registered greyhounds are either adopted or returned to the farm as pets or breeders when they retire. Greyhound racing is working with adoption volunteer groups all over the country to achieve the goal of 100 percent placement of all eligible greyhounds in the near future.

Each year, greyhound tracks and industry organizations spend more than $2 million to support and promote greyhound adoption. This includes over sixty grants per year to independent local, regional and national adoption groups.

Greyhounds make great pets in large measure because of the excellent care they receive during their racing careers. Because they are accustomed to careful handling and daily attention from humans, they are gentle, docile and affectionate, even with children. They usually adapt to family life quickly and easily, earning their reputation as lovable “couch potatoes.”

We commend Ms. Hillstead for her hard work on greyhound adoption, and invite her and your readers to visit our website,, for more information on greyhound racing and adoption.


Gary Guccione, Communications Coordinator
American Greyhound Council