Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) solicitors raising money in Central Oklahoma got busted by the area’s residents recently for fundraising practices in that region, according to the HSUS watchdog website, Humanewatch.org. According to the September 27 story, HSUS fundraisers were going door to door seeking donations “for a behavioral program to make dogs and cats more adoptable.”

When concerned citizens blew the whistle and contacted the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, which is not affiliated with HSUS, a local TV station got wind of the incident and reached out to HSUS for comment. While HSUS initially denied any involvement in the fundraising effort, later a spokeswoman for the organization reportedly “tried to blame improper training of the solicitors.”

Oklahoma authorities have been encouraging state residents to beware of HSUS claims that donations go to help stray dogs and cats. The HSUS does not operate a single animal shelter and provides only nominal funding for independent shelters under its multi-million dollar annual budget.

The Center for Consumer Freedom, which sponsors the Humanewatch.org website, has kept HSUS deceptive fundraising practices front and center in its consumer education efforts. The latest salvo in the ongoing campaign is a video urging senior citizens to donate to their local animal shelters instead of HSUS.