The president of the American Greyhound Council (AGC) has announced that the Council is working closely with racing industry organizations, regional adoption groups and Tucson Greyhound Park management to ensure that all greyhounds affected by the scheduled June 24 track closing are properly and safely relocated.

AGC President Fred Fulchino said that approximately 220 of the 420 greyhounds at the Tucson track will retire from racing and transition into adoptive homes through as many as ten participating adoption groups in Arizona, California and Texas.

“We are communicating with greyhound owners and kennel operators as well as the track and the adoption community,” Fulchino said. “Those greyhounds not going into adoption programs will either be moved to other tracks to continue their racing careers, or they’ll go home to their owners.”

Fulchino noted that Grey2K USA, the animal rights organization pushing for the closure of Tucson Greyhound Park, has contributed nothing to the relocation effort. “We’re not surprised that Grey2K is missing in action,” Fulchino said. “This group is all hype and no help when it comes to greyhound welfare. It’s the racing community and the adoption groups that are stepping up to ensure the welfare of the Tucson greyhounds.”