HumaneWatch.org is calling for a national boycott of Discover, now that the credit card company has announced that it will donate funds to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) with every purchase made using Discover’s new Affinity card. The Discover deal could net HSUS as much as $1 million a year.

To mobilize consumers in opposition to the program, HumaneWatch.org has developed a new website, DiscoverTheScam.org, that includes background on HSUS and a web form allowing users to sign a petition and email Discover Vice President Kevin O’Donnell with their comments on Discover’s misguided support of HSUS.

The website also highlights HSUS’s scandal-scarred recent history, including the investigation of the group’s deceptive fundraising practices by Oklahoma’s Attorney General; the $15.75 million payment made to Feld Entertainment to settle federal racketeering charges against HSUS; donor advisories and low ratings from two leading charity watchdog groups; the radical HSUS anti-agriculture agenda, and the very small amount the organization donates to local pet shelters (less than 1 percent of the money it raises).

To call attention to the boycott campaign, HumaneWatch.org erected several billboards in the Times Square area of New York City.