In a November 28 letter, AGC President Fred Fulchino called out San Antonio News-Express columnist Roy Bragg for spreading misinformation promoted by Grey2K and its spokesman, Carey Theil. Bragg’s commentary was published on November 27. Here is the full text of that letter:

Dear Editor:

Apparently columnist Roy Bragg has bought into the propaganda of Grey2K, a Massachusetts-based anti-greyhound racing organization famous for misrepresenting the facts about the sport to advance its political agenda. The fact is that greyhound racing has established programs to ensure the welfare of canine athletes at every stage from birth to retirement.

Greyhound farms are subject to regular unannounced inspections to verify compliance with veterinary-based standards covering everything from greyhound nutrition, exercise and socialization to kennel safety, sanitation and management. Breeders and kennel operators who violate those standards are banned from the sport for life, and others prohibited from doing business with them.

In every state where greyhound racing is active, state and/or local racing authorities regulate the sport and monitor greyhound health and safety. Every track has a licensed veterinarian on site when dogs are racing. The tracks spend hundreds of thousands of dollars during the racing season to maintain and upgrade the track surface to promote greyhound comfort and safety. Tracks have invested in new, safer mechanical lure technologies to reduce lure-related injuries.

In fact, fewer than one-half of one percent of all racing starts result in injuries to greyhounds, and the vast majority of those injuries are minor, enabling the greyhounds to return to racing in a matter of weeks.

When greyhounds are ready to retire, more than 95 percent are either adopted or returned to the farm as pets or breeders. This has been made possible by close cooperation between greyhound breeders, kennel operators, tracks and hundreds of volunteer adoption groups around the country.

Instead of putting its resources to work for the direct benefit of greyhounds, Grey2K spends its money on lobbying and political attacks. The media love a negative story, and Grey2K has learned how easy it is to manipulate journalists into spreading misinformation. As Mark Twain said, “A lie can be half-way around the world before the truth gets its pants on.”


Fred Fulchino, President

American Greyhound Council